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Super Fighter 2 Icon
4 Stars Icon
Super Fighter 2
A nice 1 on 1 fighting game.
Javelin Throw Icon
4 Stars Icon
Javelin Throw
Run up for the Javelin Throw! and Fire! To move back and forth you use right and left arrow, to shoot you use space. If you hit the duck you get no points for that throw.
Super Smash X Icon
4 Stars Icon
Super Smash X
The heroes Mario, Link, and Megaman are up against each other to test who is the greatest.
Xtreme Skateboarding Icon
4 Stars Icon
Xtreme Skateboarding
Try your hand at this fun skateboarding flash game. Watch out for those coke bottles!
The Interrogation Icon
4 Stars Icon
The Interrogation
Interrogate Bridget about a suspected murder of a woman and get some answers.
Snow Plow Icon
4 Stars Icon
Snow Plow
Race around the streets of Boston as you collect all the presents and sweep the city's streets clean!
Spank the Monkey Icon
4 Stars Icon
Spank the Monkey
How hard can you SPANK THE MONKEY??!
Slidermania Icon
4 Stars Icon
Slide the box to appropriate location,
Injection Experience Icon
4 Stars Icon
Injection Experience
Aims the injection needle accurately!
Breakout Lite Icon
4 Stars Icon
Breakout Lite
Classic arcanoid break out style game use paddle to bounce ball and break bricks.
Life Buoys Icon
4 Stars Icon
Life Buoys
Can you save the people from the burning ship before it is too late?
Element Saga Icon
4 Stars Icon
Element Saga
Defeat the evil army of Komos and protect the historic land. There are over 30 moves and weapons.
Slacker Adventure Icon
4 Stars Icon
Slacker Adventure
This is a fantastic flash RPG game. Guide Slacker around town, trying to recover the lost vending mashine!
Skijump 2001 Icon
4 Stars Icon
Skijump 2001
Try to get the record distance of 1515m in this ski game!
The Classroom Icon
4 Stars Icon
The Classroom
Move abot the classroom and copy the quiz from the geek but avoid the teacher.
Billiards Icon
4 Stars Icon
Play a great online billiards game.
Atomine Icon
4 Stars Icon
Click on the bulbs and mirrors to locate the whereabouts of the atoms. Minesweeper type variation game.
Moon Rider Icon
4 Stars Icon
Moon Rider
Solo Bike racing game that take place in the night!
3D Sudoku Icon
4 Stars Icon
3D Sudoku
This a revived version of the classic japanese game Sudoku. Use your brains to solve the puzzle!
Mud Rally Icon
4 Stars Icon
Mud Rally
guide the frog on the lotus leaf to follow the muddy track.
Flash Golf 2001 Icon
4 Stars Icon
Flash Golf 2001
2D Flash Golf game with nice terrain rendering.
Sponge And Leroy Icon
4 Stars Icon
Sponge And Leroy
Customize the Hero, Leroy using over 60 hats and suits! Help him rescue Sponge from the enemy territory!
Roof Top Rollers Icon
4 Stars Icon
Roof Top Rollers
Click on the instrucments to make those cats swine.
Clash 'N Slash v2 Icon
4 Stars Icon
Clash 'N Slash v2
Defend your planet from UFOs and other space ships by shooting them with guns and rockets.
Planet War II Icon
4 Stars Icon
Planet War II
Fly your jet around bomb tanks and other jeep trucks shooting missiles at you.
Head Space Icon
4 Stars Icon
Head Space
Great version of classic 2D shooting with realistic video backdrop!
Fly Catcher Icon
4 Stars Icon
Fly Catcher
Catch flies by spinning your web and eat them, avoid being hit by the fly swatter.
La Pescuit Icon
4 Stars Icon
La Pescuit
Move your boat around and pick the fish in the lake.
Turnaus Icon
4 Stars Icon
Your objective is to get into your opponent's castle by hitting him with your sword.
Battle - Tactics United Icon
4 Stars Icon
Battle - Tactics United
Choose your attack, use your sword or battle with magic, kill enemies, gain experience and level up.
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