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Starfighter Icon
4 Stars Icon
Fly in your space ship, buy torpedos, lasers, propulsion, destroy enemies, and do other missions.
Quad Evasion 62 Icon
4 Stars Icon
Quad Evasion 62
Ride a Quad bike through various regions, as fast as you can without crashing, to reach the destination!
coloring Book Icon
4 Stars Icon
coloring Book
A Flash colouring book!
Falldown Icon
4 Stars Icon
Race against time - don't get caught up by the screen!
Kill the Boss Icon
4 Stars Icon
Kill the Boss
This is a simple stick-man fighting game.
Grain Strain Icon
4 Stars Icon
Grain Strain
This is a cool game where you have to use the conveyor belts and other items in order to get the grain strain!
Castle Cat 3 Icon
4 Stars Icon
Castle Cat 3
Castle Cat is back with his cannon going through the desert and destroying enemies.
Pipe Mania Icon
4 Stars Icon
Pipe Mania
Lay down pipes before water starts flowing and make it reach the drain.
Peanut Icon
4 Stars Icon
Flick the peanut towards goal, past the squirrel defenders and the squirrel goalkeeper in this excel÷ent game. The rules are simple; flick as many nuts in the goal as possible.
Sultan Icon
4 Stars Icon
Catch enough bones before the time run out!
Pepsi Handball Icon
4 Stars Icon
Pepsi Handball
Drop different colored footballs on to the stack below and group them together.
Sonic Boom Town Icon
4 Stars Icon
Sonic Boom Town
Drive around the city in your car and blast your music to destroy buildings.
Bomb Disposal Hippos Icon
4 Stars Icon
Bomb Disposal Hippos
Use the hippo to collect the scattered bombs, press space to make them extend and eat it like !
Backyard Brawl Icon
4 Stars Icon
Backyard Brawl
In this game you pick a player and beat each other up with weird items.
Whack a Boss Icon
4 Stars Icon
Whack a Boss
Whack the boss in this version of the classic arcade!
Connect Icon
4 Stars Icon
Move the dots around to connect them into three or more and build up fuel for your space rocket.
Badaboom Icon
4 Stars Icon
Click on three or more balls of the same color remove as many as possible before time runs out.
Citizen Kerry Icon
4 Stars Icon
Citizen Kerry
Catch the falling object in this politic games.
Redneck Shoot-Out Icon
4 Stars Icon
Redneck Shoot-Out
Eliminate all redneck by shooting them. Complete 3 levels of difficulty to win the game.
Wordo Icon
4 Stars Icon
Select letters from the pile dropping down and make words before too many letters fill the screen.
Puncho Puncho Icon
4 Stars Icon
Puncho Puncho
Run up to flowers and punch them to collect the seeds they spit out and bring them to the portal.
Bat Punch Icon
4 Stars Icon
Bat Punch
You have 60 seconds to punch out as many bats as you can!
Man In Black Icon
4 Stars Icon
Man In Black
The objective of this game is to win the game by taking the last sphere!
Stay On The Car Icon
4 Stars Icon
Stay On The Car
Keep the lion on the top of the car as long as possible without falling off or losing balance.
California Skateboarding Icon
4 Stars Icon
California Skateboarding
Cruise around as Eddie Murphy on your skate board, jump up, ollie, do tricks, grind off rails.
Rush Hour Madness Icon
4 Stars Icon
Rush Hour Madness
Can you park the traffic in the least moves? This game is based on a Chinese puzzle. Your objective is to lead your vehicle to the exit in least move possible.
Stai Ruere Icon
4 Stars Icon
Stai Ruere
Protesters have gathered around a barracks area! It's your duty to control them and maintain peace.
5 Card Draw Icon
4 Stars Icon
5 Card Draw
Think you have poker skills? Step up and prove it bucko.
Blitz Icon
4 Stars Icon
Fly around your plane over the city bomb the buildings before you crash into them.
Driller Icon
4 Stars Icon
Drill as deep as possible in search for treasure and fame!
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