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Pet Shop Icon
4 Stars Icon
Pet Shop
Do you love your pets enough to take up our challenge to get food for them from the petshop?
Field Goal Icon
4 Stars Icon
Field Goal
This is a cool American Football Field Goal shooting challenge game. Look at the wind and direction!
No Name Game Icon
4 Stars Icon
No Name Game
Though it has a silly name, I challenge anyone to actually finish even the first level.
Field Goal Challenge Icon
4 Stars Icon
Field Goal Challenge
Power up, aim and kick the rugby ball through the metal posts to score points.
Camp Runamuck Icon
4 Stars Icon
Camp Runamuck
Complete the challenges in as little time as possible.
Fishwater Challenge Icon
4 Stars Icon
Fishwater Challenge
Paddle your kayak avoiding obstacles and collecting fish.
Celestria's Challenge Icon
4 Stars Icon
Celestria's Challenge
Guess the answers to Celestria's questions to get her into different clothing.
Free Kick Challenge Icon
4 Stars Icon
Free Kick Challenge
Hark back to yester-year in this old school challenge. Great game : )Now,you see,the idea of the game is to score as many free kicks in a row as you can.
Grand Prix Challenge 2 Icon
4 Stars Icon
Grand Prix Challenge 2
Beat the clock and the obstacles as you race your laps across multiple levels!
Unicycle Challenge Icon
4 Stars Icon
Unicycle Challenge
Stay balanced on the Unicycle as you dodge the oncoming mini-beach balls.
Pokemon Puzzle Challenge Icon
4 Stars Icon
Pokemon Puzzle Challenge
Challenge your knowledge of Pokemon - identify the right pokemon before the time runs out!
Shootout II Icon
4 Stars Icon
Shootout II
Challenge cowboys to duels and capture the most wanted criminals.
Horse Racin Icon
4 Stars Icon
Horse Racin
Challenge the computer over 8 levels of racing.
Hostile Skies Icon
4 Stars Icon
Hostile Skies
You are a pilot in World War I. It is your job to defeat Falkenhayn's attacking fighters. Challenge the best pilot over a series of dangerous and deadly missions.
Adrenaline Challenge Icon
4 Stars Icon
Adrenaline Challenge
I am completely addicted to this amazing game! Just try it.
Snowboard Challenge Icon
4 Stars Icon
Snowboard Challenge
Take on the snowboard challenge.
Cricket Challenge Icon
4 Stars Icon
Cricket Challenge
Cricket Challenge is a fantastic game that lets you play cricket matches in a 3d environment.
Steeplechase Challenge Icon
4 Stars Icon
Steeplechase Challenge
Jump and whip at the corrct timing to beat the computer controlled horses!
MiniClip Rally Icon
4 Stars Icon
MiniClip Rally
Ninja, Monkey, and Zed challenge each other to race it out on their home tracks... let the rally begin!
Forest Challenge 2 Icon
4 Stars Icon
Forest Challenge 2
A challenging mini golf game set in a forest.
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