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Kill the Boss Icon
4 Stars Icon
Kill the Boss
This is a simple stick-man fighting game.
Grain Strain Icon
4 Stars Icon
Grain Strain
This is a cool game where you have to use the conveyor belts and other items in order to get the grain strain!
Castle Cat 3 Icon
4 Stars Icon
Castle Cat 3
Castle Cat is back with his cannon going through the desert and destroying enemies.
Peanut Icon
4 Stars Icon
Flick the peanut towards goal, past the squirrel defenders and the squirrel goalkeeper in this excel÷ent game. The rules are simple; flick as many nuts in the goal as possible.
Shooting The Fly Icon
4 Stars Icon
Shooting The Fly
Shoot and kill as many flies as you can within the allocated time.
The Fly Animation Icon
4 Stars Icon
The Fly Animation
This is a funny animation!
Bomb Disposal Hippos Icon
4 Stars Icon
Bomb Disposal Hippos
Use the hippo to collect the scattered bombs, press space to make them extend and eat it like !
Backyard Brawl Icon
4 Stars Icon
Backyard Brawl
In this game you pick a player and beat each other up with weird items.
Whack a Boss Icon
4 Stars Icon
Whack a Boss
Whack the boss in this version of the classic arcade!
Flipped Out Icon
4 Stars Icon
Flipped Out
This is a angle and power shooting game. Try and flip the whale into the lime green zone.
Citizen Kerry Icon
4 Stars Icon
Citizen Kerry
Catch the falling object in this politic games.
Man In Black Icon
4 Stars Icon
Man In Black
The objective of this game is to win the game by taking the last sphere!
Geography Game - Africa Icon
4 Stars Icon
Geography Game - Africa
Educative game that make geographic fun.
Zany Attack Icon
4 Stars Icon
Zany Attack
Shoot down the zanies fire at them in this galaxian galactica style game.
Rush Hour Madness Icon
4 Stars Icon
Rush Hour Madness
Can you park the traffic in the least moves? This game is based on a Chinese puzzle. Your objective is to lead your vehicle to the exit in least move possible.
5 Card Draw Icon
4 Stars Icon
5 Card Draw
Think you have poker skills? Step up and prove it bucko.
Xraye Icon
4 Stars Icon
Now this is a annoying little addictive puzzle if there was ever one! You have to manouver the stick!
The Arena Icon
4 Stars Icon
The Arena
This is a one on one fighting game. Attack your enemy when you see his weapon back.
Clubby The Seal Icon
4 Stars Icon
Clubby The Seal
Use clubby to go through this arctic land and kill those pesky evil eskimos.
Office Paintball Icon
4 Stars Icon
Office Paintball
Ever wanted to shoot a paintball in your office? Right under your bosses nose? Well, now you can! You must shoot the smileys, and complete at least 70% accuracy hitting them to advance to the next level!
Playing Field Icon
4 Stars Icon
Playing Field
Smash the people and cars on the ground using numerous weapons in this great stress reliever!
Tobby Kingyo Icon
4 Stars Icon
Tobby Kingyo
A great Japanese style fishing game where you must catch all of the fish, turtles, etc.
Mega Jump Icon
4 Stars Icon
Mega Jump
Boost Mr. Frog into the air and launch him as far as you can. Launch the frog with catapult as far as possible. Try to use the wind to your advantage.
Slashing Pumpkins Icon
4 Stars Icon
Slashing Pumpkins
Drop knifes to hit the rolling pumpkins!
Stone Breaker Icon
4 Stars Icon
Stone Breaker
A great breakout game with awesome graphics and gameplay.
Tetris Icon
4 Stars Icon
This is a remake of the all time classic - Tetris!
Flashman Icon
4 Stars Icon
Dogde the ghosts and collect the power pills in this classic arcade game!
Tunnel 2 Icon
4 Stars Icon
Tunnel 2
This is another version of the popular helicopter game, but this time you have weapons! Take out the enemy now!
Paratroopers 2 Icon
4 Stars Icon
Paratroopers 2
Shoot down the Paratroopers before they land in this fast paced Shoot'em'up!
Fishing Impossible Icon
4 Stars Icon
Fishing Impossible
Your mission: Infiltrate the fishermans yard and steal his fish. Beware the guard dog.
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