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Pet Feeding Icon
4 Stars Icon
Pet Feeding
The aim of this game is to feed the four cute pets.
Ultimate Dodgeball Icon
4 Stars Icon
Ultimate Dodgeball
This ultimate dodgeball game consiss of 2 levels. Hit the opponent with the ball as hard as you can.
Cell Out Icon
4 Stars Icon
Cell Out
Collect the whites without touching the reds.
Jump The Gorge Icon
4 Stars Icon
Jump The Gorge
Do some extreme snow boarding - slide down a hill and jump over ravines and land on targets.
Wak 'n' Egg Icon
4 Stars Icon
Wak 'n' Egg
Smash the egg with your hammer as mush as possible within the time allocated.
Notepad Invaders Icon
4 Stars Icon
Notepad Invaders
Another remake of the classic Space Invaders game. But what's the twist in this one, you say?
Black Jack Icon
4 Stars Icon
Black Jack
Play Blackjack against this Animated Dealer!
Crash Test Olympics Icon
4 Stars Icon
Crash Test Olympics
Crash test your dummy as high as you can!
Trapped 2 Icon
4 Stars Icon
Trapped 2
Guide your triangle around the mazes, collecting keys, diamonds and other items in this excellent puzzle!
The Second Line Game Icon
4 Stars Icon
The Second Line Game
Explore every nook and corner of the house as a fly, and find the hidden golden drop!
N Game Icon
4 Stars Icon
N Game
The way of the ninja. This is really a great platform game.
2D Shootout Icon
4 Stars Icon
2D Shootout
Draw your pistol revolver magnum and shoot down the cowboys in this desert town. Just shoot anything that move!
Robot Monkey City Icon
4 Stars Icon
Robot Monkey City
Interact with the monkeys on jetpacks, hit them with signs, throw hover cars off the higway and more!
Pure Adrenaline Icon
4 Stars Icon
Pure Adrenaline
Driving on the wrong side of the road at high speed.
Ghost Motel 3 Icon
4 Stars Icon
Ghost Motel 3
Look for a job in this new world with your new friend.
Towel Fighter Icon
4 Stars Icon
Towel Fighter
I have no idea who makes these game ideas, but this is a really clever and fun one! Whip your opponents as!
7up Pinball Icon
4 Stars Icon
7up Pinball
Play a classic game of pinball in this excellent 7up version of the classic arcade game.
Snake Icon
4 Stars Icon
This is a snake clone!
Arcade Animals Super Raccoon Icon
3 Stars Icon
Arcade Animals Super Raccoon
Collect As much treasure as possible in this cute animal game!
3D Pong Icon
4 Stars Icon
3D Pong
Pong style game except in 3 dimensions use your paddle to hit the ball and score points.
ComicGen Icon
4 Stars Icon
Create your own comics with this generator, put down characters, animals, cars, and explosions.
Kill Bill Icon
4 Stars Icon
Kill Bill
You're Uma Thurman in this slick action game. The suits are coming to attack you at all angles, so be careful!
Sammy The Salmon Icon
4 Stars Icon
Sammy The Salmon
The fish needs to swiwm his way to the finish line.
Barb Jump Icon
4 Stars Icon
Barb Jump
Jump the barbed wire in this amazingly funny skipping game. Choose your character and when then jump!
Elephant Boner Assault Icon
4 Stars Icon
Elephant Boner Assault
In this game you go bump into people.
Home Run! Icon
4 Stars Icon
Home Run!
Help the drunk get home safely as you struggle to make him walk in a straight direction and not fall!
Gravity Launch Icon
4 Stars Icon
Gravity Launch
Play Around with gravity to launch a missile and hit the target in outer space.
Drift Wood Icon
4 Stars Icon
Drift Wood
Beautiful image of the ocean with sand and trees, scramble up this image and put it back together.
Island Cup Crab Race Icon
4 Stars Icon
Island Cup Crab Race
Guess which crab will wins the race.
The Indian Shikar Icon
4 Stars Icon
The Indian Shikar
Just point and shoot the tiger.
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