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Moebius Syndrome Icon
4 Stars Icon
Moebius Syndrome
Place down the pipes and make them connect properly to remove them before they fill the screen.
Treasure Box Icon
4 Stars Icon
Treasure Box
Click on the different types of people, objects and other areas to unlock the secrets.
Mini Boat Race Icon
4 Stars Icon
Mini Boat Race
Choose from 10 boats type and 12 tracks of varied difficulty in the mini boat race.
Schnappi Icon
4 Stars Icon
Help schnappi the alligator get through many levels while eating flies.
Second Line the Game Icon
4 Stars Icon
Second Line the Game
Explore a house as a fly.
Coffee Tycoon Icon
4 Stars Icon
Coffee Tycoon
Manage a coffee franchise by hiring more employees, managers, getting customers and finding new stores.
Connect 4 Icon
4 Stars Icon
Connect 4
The old game Connect 4 and win, Simple as that!
Star Runner Icon
4 Stars Icon
Star Runner
Help the blob collect stars.
Grizzly Icon
4 Stars Icon
Rescue four soilders who were captured by the cobra bats in this excellent tank game.
Rugby Icon
4 Stars Icon
Jump into Johnny Wilkinson's boots and hit one home! Use your mouse to aim the cross hair in the direction that you want to kick the ball. Make sure you adjust for the wind.
Marvin Spectrum Icon
4 Stars Icon
Marvin Spectrum
Jump, duck and dive through through walls, and match the color of the gate.
Tir a l'arc Icon
4 Stars Icon
Tir a l'arc
Change angle and power to shoot at enemies! Change your angle of the shot move your stickman around dodge arrows and fire at enemies.
Osama Sissy Fight Icon
4 Stars Icon
Osama Sissy Fight
Punch Osama in whatever way you like.
Super Paint Ball Icon
4 Stars Icon
Super Paint Ball
Shoot the guys that pop up from behind the barrels and barricades with your paintball gun.
Oil Foil Icon
4 Stars Icon
Oil Foil
Drive around picking up oil cans but avoid colliding with the UFOs.
Pokemon Kill 2 Icon
4 Stars Icon
Pokemon Kill 2
Shoot the pokemon before they escape!
Cutie Quake Icon
4 Stars Icon
Cutie Quake
Shoot those cute looking things as well as the deceiving cute like bad guys who shoot at you.
Le Morpion Icon
4 Stars Icon
Le Morpion
Tic Tac Toe!
Cannon Ball Icon
4 Stars Icon
Cannon Ball
Set angle and power to shoot out of your cannon and destroy the other person's castle.
Hacker Icon
4 Stars Icon
Think you can hack? Try hacking your way into this system....if you can!
Element Saga ep1-4 Icon
4 Stars Icon
Element Saga ep1-4
Use Crow Lancer's sword strike, fireball attack and combos to defeat deadly enemies.
Sagway Icon
4 Stars Icon
Rides on the mono-cycle and punch all who try to go near your girl friend!
Blast Billiards Icon
4 Stars Icon
Blast Billiards
This is a cool version of the game of Billiards where you've to pocket bombs instead of balls!
Magus RPG Icon
4 Stars Icon
Magus RPG
Play as Magus in this Chrono Trigger style game!
Counterstrike Icon
4 Stars Icon
1st Person shooter using graphic from the Counter Strike games.
Run Like Jesus Icon
4 Stars Icon
Run Like Jesus
Take up the role as Jesus of Nazareth as you leg it down this 100m track. You use x and c to run and hold them down run as fast as you can until the end of the race.
L'apprentie Sorciere Icon
4 Stars Icon
L'apprentie Sorciere
Adverture of L'apprentie!
Mordor Mountain Madness Icon
4 Stars Icon
Mordor Mountain Madness
Avoid the rocks and duck under your cape for cover but beware of the dragon rocks.
Diamond Chaser Icon
4 Stars Icon
Diamond Chaser
Steal the diamonds out of the asteroids in the outer rings of Cora Flatar.
Angel Run Icon
4 Stars Icon
Angel Run
Stay away from the little devils, dodge their fireballs and collect ice cubes to cool off.
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