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Comboling Icon
4 Stars Icon
Link all the marked fields either horizontally, vertically or diagonally.
Japenese Baseball Icon
4 Stars Icon
Japenese Baseball
A nice japenese baseball game with great graphic!
Kumite Icon
4 Stars Icon
A tribute to the Madness Combat series, with colorful animation and merciless killing!
Insect Hunter 2: Frozen Icon
4 Stars Icon
Insect Hunter 2: Frozen
Slither around the area and eat up those nasty insects.
Mashi Mario Icon
4 Stars Icon
Mashi Mario
Move Mario through the course without being injured.
Reysteroids Icon
4 Stars Icon
Fly around your ship, piloting through asteroid fields and shooting down rocks with your lasers.
Nin Jack Icon
4 Stars Icon
Nin Jack
Play as Ninja Jack as you jump, fight, and throw ninja stars to get through the levels.
Alien Clones Icon
4 Stars Icon
Alien Clones
Move your robotic leg machine around and shoot down the strange legged aliens moving towards you.
Catacombs Icon
4 Stars Icon
A Horde of evil monsters rampaged the kingdom and has abducted the King. Defeat the monsters and restore the peace!
Flash Tiles Icon
4 Stars Icon
Flash Tiles
Eliminate all the pairs of tiles with similar pattern on them, from a huge stack of tiles.
Lamer Hunter Icon
4 Stars Icon
Lamer Hunter
No time limit. Shoot the targets as much as you wish.
Fucking Killer Icon
4 Stars Icon
Fucking Killer
Retired Santa killing annoying kids using bazooka!
60 seconds Icon
4 Stars Icon
60 seconds
Steal 10 cars and collect $200,000 in 10 minutes (60sec/car).
Five Finger Pellet Icon
4 Stars Icon
Five Finger Pellet
Use the knife and perform tricks around your hand but don`t stab yourself.
V: Force Icon
4 Stars Icon
V: Force
V-Force is a simpel vertical shooter game!
Mini Skears Icon
4 Stars Icon
Mini Skears
Click on the purple boxes but avoid the red ones or you lose.
The Last Wave Icon
4 Stars Icon
The Last Wave
Fly your jet fighter over rocks and mountains shoot down alien space craft.
Superfighter Icon
4 Stars Icon
Clone of the arcade fighting game - Super Fighter!
Park Life Icon
4 Stars Icon
Park Life
Collect all the parts of your team's skateboards, spread all over the slums by your arch rivals.
Moon Partrol Icon
4 Stars Icon
Moon Partrol
Patrol and protect the moon base!
Cubeez Icon
4 Stars Icon
Match similar patterns in an array of cubes in this 3D puzzle game.
Sports Smash Icon
4 Stars Icon
Sports Smash
The objective of this game is to quickly align 3 or more of objects horizontally or vertically by simply clicking with your mouse.
Air Ball Icon
4 Stars Icon
Air Ball
You've played Kickups, right? Now try and keep all the balls up! Try and keep the multiple sports baThe goal is to keep all the balls in the air as long as you can!
Madness Combat 4 Icon
4 Stars Icon
Madness Combat 4
Madness Combat 4 - Apotheosis is an excellent shooting/fighting movie.
Where to go? Icon
4 Stars Icon
Where to go?
Guess where to go in this game.. its pure luck!
Golf Ace Icon
4 Stars Icon
Golf Ace
Get as many hole-in-ones as possible.
The Worm Race Icon
4 Stars Icon
The Worm Race
Bet on the fastest worm in the worm race.
The Stick Game Icon
4 Stars Icon
The Stick Game
Check out the way of the exploding stick!
Frosty Freakout Icon
4 Stars Icon
Frosty Freakout
Earn points building multiscoop ice-cream sundaes!
Fishing Icon
4 Stars Icon
Keep fishing and don't get caught in lightning.
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