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Shooting Games
Shoot the Pigeon Icon
3 Stars Icon
Shoot the Pigeon
Kill all the pigeons before they reach the top, try not to hit the cats!
Shoot the Turkey's Icon
3 Stars Icon
Shoot the Turkey's
Turkey shooting game!
Shooting - Mad Cows Icon
3 Stars Icon
Shooting - Mad Cows
Mad cow is trying to take over your farm - stop them now and fast!
Shooting Each Other Icon
3 Stars Icon
Shooting Each Other
Shoot each other in this free turn game similar to Worms.
Shooting Fish In A Barrel Icon
3 Stars Icon
Shooting Fish In A Barrel
Shooting only the BLUE fish in this game - it is much harder that it sound!
Shooting Targets Icon
3 Stars Icon
Shooting Targets
This is a first person shooter games. Shoot everything accept the teddy bear. You will lose 25 for shooting each teddy bear.
Shooting The Fly Icon
3 Stars Icon
Shooting The Fly
Shoot and kill as many flies as you can within the allocated time.
Shootout Icon
3 Stars Icon
Wild West Shootout, claim rewards for shooting the bad guys.
Shootout II Icon
3 Stars Icon
Shootout II
Challenge cowboys to duels and capture the most wanted criminals.
Shotgun Orc Icon
3 Stars Icon
Shotgun Orc
Go on an orc rampage blasting wizards, knights, and elves with your shotgun.
Skeet Shooting Icon
3 Stars Icon
Skeet Shooting
Skeet Shooting. It get harder as you advanced into the subsequent level!
Sky Attack Icon
3 Stars Icon
Sky Attack
Cute japanese anime style shooter. Control little angel to attack the Green Dragon's minions!
Sky Marauder Icon
3 Stars Icon
Sky Marauder
Your the pilot of the Sky Marauder and it's your job to collect all the cash!
Slashing Pumpkins Icon
3 Stars Icon
Slashing Pumpkins
Drop knifes to hit the rolling pumpkins!
Small White Lymphocyte Icon
3 Stars Icon
Small White Lymphocyte
Control a lymphocyte and protect the newly transplanted heart from the bacteria and germs trying to destroy it!
Sniper Icon
3 Stars Icon
Aim your sniper rifle onto the terrorists in the building and shoot them down quickly.
Sniper School Icon
3 Stars Icon
Sniper School
Shot the targets before they kill you!
Sniper's Revenge Icon
3 Stars Icon
Sniper's Revenge
Snipe down thugs on the street, zoom in and out, and fire your scoped rifle.
Snow Wars Icon
3 Stars Icon
Snow Wars
Throw snowballs at passers by and hit them before they get you back.
Soakamon Icon
3 Stars Icon
Fill up your water balloon with your own fluids and toss it at the enemy.
Space Cowboy Icon
3 Stars Icon
Space Cowboy
Play the role of a space cowboy and navigate the distant planet!
Space Dude Icon
3 Stars Icon
Space Dude
This is a platform shooting game - control your character and kill the space monsters.
Space Fighters Revolution Icon
3 Stars Icon
Space Fighters Revolution
This is a cool space shooting game where you have to fly a space ship through the dark space!
Space Gunner Icon
3 Stars Icon
Space Gunner
Fire missiles and bullets from your turret at the planes jets space craft coming towards you.
Space Invaders Icon
3 Stars Icon
Space Invaders
Play this classic game online in all its glory! This game is so addictive!!
Spank the Monkey Icon
3 Stars Icon
Spank the Monkey
How hard can you SPANK THE MONKEY??!
Spec Ops Icon
3 Stars Icon
Spec Ops
A great shoot 'em up game. Choose from 1 of 3 guns and cause mayhem!
Spider from Mars Icon
3 Stars Icon
Spider from Mars
Turn around to seek and destroy the spiders before the destroy the Stonehenge!
Splash Icon
3 Stars Icon
Throwing water balloons in the office in this light hearted 1st person shooter!
Springfield Cemetery Icon
3 Stars Icon
Springfield Cemetery
Shoot as many zombies as you can in the cemetery of Springfield in this Simpsons Shoot'em Up game.
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