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Puzzle / RPG Games
Jungle Crash Icon
3 Stars Icon
Jungle Crash
Make a group of 3 or more similar colored tiles disappear.
Just Sudoku Icon
3 Stars Icon
Just Sudoku
A Sudoku game with lots of different puzzles to solve offline without using pen and paper.
K vs K Icon
3 Stars Icon
K vs K
King of Fighters style system use K and fight against K in this fighting demo.
KCLY Diamond Icon
3 Stars Icon
KCLY Diamond
Move the dropping faces left or right so that the same faces stay together and let them disappear.
Kerry Bush Bash Icon
3 Stars Icon
Kerry Bush Bash
Stop them from attacking each other in the presidential debate.
Kill the Pacman Icon
3 Stars Icon
Kill the Pacman
Use your beach ball to bounce off the colored pacmen and destroy them by landing on top of them.
Klax Icon
3 Stars Icon
Remove tiles of the same colour from the conveyer belt!
Klotsik Icon
3 Stars Icon
Click on the balls and let them disappear.
Koala Lander Icon
3 Stars Icon
Koala Lander
Fly your balloon all around Australian cities, collect shrimp and land properly without crashing.
Konnectors Icon
3 Stars Icon
Build a road linking the starting point to the end point.
Lights Off Icon
3 Stars Icon
Lights Off
Its bed time! Turn off all the lights so you can go to sleep.
Lines Icon
3 Stars Icon
Line up a certain amount of circles according to difficulty to remove the line.
Locked Office Icon
3 Stars Icon
Locked Office
You are locked in an office at work and you need to find a way to escape!
Loft Game Icon
3 Stars Icon
Loft Game
Memory game with real photos!
Mads Libs Icon
3 Stars Icon
Mads Libs
Type in the words to form funny and strange sentences.
Magic Ball Icon
3 Stars Icon
Magic Ball
Magic ball game with cute pikachu theme!
Magic Balls Icon
3 Stars Icon
Magic Balls
A slightly harder version of the arcade game Bust-A-Move.
Mah Jong Connect Icon
3 Stars Icon
Mah Jong Connect
Clone of the popular classic tile based Shanghai.
Mah Jongg Icon
3 Stars Icon
Mah Jongg
The best puzzle game ever! You will all remember this one...
MahJong Connect Icon
3 Stars Icon
MahJong Connect
Different style of mahjongg, where you need to match two tiles by connecting them with a pathway.
Man In Black Icon
3 Stars Icon
Man In Black
The objective of this game is to win the game by taking the last sphere!
Mars Patrol Icon
3 Stars Icon
Mars Patrol
Patrol the red planet and take out those evil aliens.
Marvin Spectrum Icon
3 Stars Icon
Marvin Spectrum
Jump, duck and dive through through walls, and match the color of the gate.
Mastermind v1.0 Icon
3 Stars Icon
Mastermind v1.0
You have to figure out the actual combination in least steps/trials.
Match Up Icon
3 Stars Icon
Match Up
4x4 Memory game with Korean style comic!
Maximum Rotation Icon
3 Stars Icon
Maximum Rotation
re-arrange the 4x4 grid into its original position.
Maze Icon
3 Stars Icon
Find out way out of the maze.
Mega Puzzle Icon
3 Stars Icon
Mega Puzzle
Try and figure out this amazing puzzle.
MegaPuzzle Icon
3 Stars Icon
You thought those ones you got from fast food restaurants with 16 squares were hard?
Memoria Animal Icon
3 Stars Icon
Memoria Animal
Very cute memory game using comic tiles.
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