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Arcade Games
Element Saga Icon
3 Stars Icon
Element Saga
Defeat the evil army of Komos and protect the historic land. There are over 30 moves and weapons.
Elemigrante Icon
3 Stars Icon
Avoid the police for as long as you possibly can!
Evangelion - Pac Man Icon
3 Stars Icon
Evangelion - Pac Man
Guide Shinji around the city taking pills and defeating enemies. It is actually a pacman clone with characters from Evangelion animated series!
Falldown Icon
3 Stars Icon
Race against time - don't get caught up by the screen!
Feeder War Icon
3 Stars Icon
Feeder War
Most babies do not like to eat. Help them to destroy their food.
Fighting Spirit Icon
3 Stars Icon
Fighting Spirit
Fly the Red Fighter Plane to shoot down enemy planes!
Fire Storm Icon
3 Stars Icon
Fire Storm
Play the role of fire fighter and stop the fire.
Fishing Icon
3 Stars Icon
Keep fishing and don't get caught in lightning.
Flash Driver Icon
3 Stars Icon
Flash Driver
2D driving games with 4 track to choose from.
Flash Halo CTF Icon
3 Stars Icon
Flash Halo CTF
Infiltrate the enemy base, steal their flag and return it to yours while shooting down enemies.
Flash Ludo Icon
3 Stars Icon
Flash Ludo
Roll a 6 on the dice to get out of the castle, move your pieces along, hit others, and return to home!
Flash Mario Bros Icon
3 Stars Icon
Flash Mario Bros
Super Mario nintendo game with the option to play as either Mario or Luigi.
Flash Out Icon
3 Stars Icon
Flash Out
Catch the ball with the stick. Try to get the ball hitting the cubes and let them disappear.
Flash Pong Icon
3 Stars Icon
Flash Pong
Play this quick reflex Pong against the super quick computer.
Flash Pong Icon
3 Stars Icon
Flash Pong
Classic old game of pong shoot the most points with your paddle and win.
Flash Tetris Icon
3 Stars Icon
Flash Tetris
Drop down blocks in this classic game and score as many points as possible.
Flash trek: Assault Icon
3 Stars Icon
Flash trek: Assault
Manage your space station and defense against hordes of alien invading ships.
Flashblox Icon
3 Stars Icon
Another Tetris clone!
Flashman Icon
3 Stars Icon
Dogde the ghosts and collect the power pills in this classic arcade game!
Fleabag Vs Mutt Icon
3 Stars Icon
Fleabag Vs Mutt
It's a great battle between a cat and a dog who are chucking things at each other.
Flesh Fight Icon
3 Stars Icon
Flesh Fight
This game have no time limit. You may blast as many enemies as you wish but do not let them hit you. They can smash you too.
Flight Of The Felix Icon
3 Stars Icon
Flight Of The Felix
Help a little cat to fly over the city using a strange jetpack and collect all the fish bones.
Flippy Attack Icon
3 Stars Icon
Flippy Attack
Dodge the bullets coming out of the shooter's gun before he kills you.
Fly Catcher Icon
3 Stars Icon
Fly Catcher
Catch flies by spinning your web and eat them, avoid being hit by the fly swatter.
Fly on Drugs Icon
3 Stars Icon
Fly on Drugs
Fly through the level as a fly on crack avoid the walls and other obstacles.
Flying Spaghetti Monster Icon
3 Stars Icon
Flying Spaghetti Monster
Convet people into pastafarians before the time runs out but don't make contact with school administrator!
Flying Squirrel Icon
3 Stars Icon
Flying Squirrel
Move the flying squirrel around in order to collect points.
Frantic Icon
3 Stars Icon
A fun game in which you must find the button on time.
Freefall Icon
3 Stars Icon
Fall through the clouds but avoid hitting the mines.
Frisbee Dog Icon
3 Stars Icon
Frisbee Dog
Timed the position and the height and let the dog catch the frisbee.
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