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Sports Games
Silly Golf Icon
3 Stars Icon
Silly Golf
Play an extremely fun mini golf game.
Sk8 Park Icon
3 Stars Icon
Sk8 Park
Best stake park game around, grab that cash and do those tricks!
Skate Boy Icon
3 Stars Icon
Skate Boy
Skateboarding is addictive, which sure explains this excellent skateboarding game! Perform as many stunt as possible on your skateboard! Use the numbers 1 through 9 to do special tricks.
Sketchbook Samurai Icon
3 Stars Icon
Sketchbook Samurai
Free spirited wackheads unite to help Hitomi fight her enemies - the evil mental Institutions.
Ski 2000 Icon
3 Stars Icon
Ski 2000
This is an awesome ski game. Only problem is that its in french.
Ski Jump 2001 Icon
3 Stars Icon
Ski Jump 2001
See how far you can jump in the ski jump 'em up.
Ski Run Icon
3 Stars Icon
Ski Run
Ski between the flags!
Ski Simulator Icon
3 Stars Icon
Ski Simulator
Cool 3D downhill ski simulator. Very good.
Skijump 2001 Icon
3 Stars Icon
Skijump 2001
Try to get the record distance of 1515m in this ski game!
Slamdunk Icon
3 Stars Icon
Slamdunk is a very popular basketball comic in Japan!
Slamdunk Anime Game Icon
3 Stars Icon
Slamdunk Anime Game
Play a game of basketball with two players, shoot hoops, dribble, run, and score points.
Slap Shot Icon
3 Stars Icon
Slap Shot
Move the mouse left and right over the player and click to shoot the puck!
Slim Boy Icon
3 Stars Icon
Slim Boy
Basketball shooting game!
Snowboard Icon
3 Stars Icon
See how fast you can get down the hill in this sweet snowboarding game. Control speed and direction with your mouse, keep the green flags to your left and the red flags to your right.
Snowboarder XS Icon
3 Stars Icon
Snowboarder XS
Score the highest number of points by collecting stars, performing tricks or going quickly in this 3D game!
Snowboarding Santa Icon
3 Stars Icon
Snowboarding Santa
Snowboarding game with a different - guide Santa through the forest!
Soccer Icon
3 Stars Icon
Play pocket soccer choose how many players you want and move them around pass the ball!
Soccer A Icon
3 Stars Icon
Soccer A
Click your mouse to move the robot towards the soccer ball most points scored on goal wins.
Soccer Ball Icon
3 Stars Icon
Soccer Ball
Click the ball repeatedly to keep it in the air as long as possible.
Soccer Break Away Icon
3 Stars Icon
Soccer Break Away
Choose a right direction to kick the ball.
Soccer Penno Icon
3 Stars Icon
Soccer Penno
A soccer penalty shoot out! You have a number of teams to play against, facing the best goalkeeper in the world!
Soccer Pong Icon
3 Stars Icon
Soccer Pong
Circular Pong with soccer theme!
Soccer Rush Icon
3 Stars Icon
Soccer Rush
Lead the players to score against the computer controlled opponnents!
Soccer Shoot Out Icon
3 Stars Icon
Soccer Shoot Out
Kick the coconut into the net before the monkey can block it.
Soccer Shootout Icon
3 Stars Icon
Soccer Shootout
Your soccer team is losing! Can you score enough goals in the remaining time!?
Socoban Icon
3 Stars Icon
Move the blocks around into the right spots.
Spooky Hoops Icon
3 Stars Icon
Spooky Hoops
Play Basketball against the skeletons and try to shoot some hoops! Pick up all the beans for energy and then run into the endzone to pass the level.
SQRL Golf Icon
3 Stars Icon
You don't need any ball to play golf. You can use squirrels.
Sqrl Golf II Icon
3 Stars Icon
Sqrl Golf II
This is the sequel to the popular squirrel golf game.
Squash Icon
3 Stars Icon
Play Squash in this excellent flash game. Does anyone understand the rules? Click on the big arrow to get the game started, then move your mouse back and forth to be in front of the ball!
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